Beauty haul


hey everyone,

Todays post is a beauty haul from two brands Kiko and L’oreal. I have bought a few things over the past few weeks and just thought I would share them with you!

The first things are from Kiko.

So I got the luscious creamy lipstick in 501. Which is a gorgeous nude colour I love browny nudes so it is perfect and it is so pigmented and lovely.

I also got a secon lipstick from Kiko which is the Velvet Matt lipstick in 602. Again this is a nude colour but it is a more pinky nude with a Matt finish that isn’t drying at all and is super pretty on my lips.

The third item I got from Kiko is the soft focus powder foundation. I got the shade 7 which is slightly too dark for me but it is fine when I use a big fluffy powder brush.

Also from Kiko I got 2 eye products. I got a long lasting eyeshadow stick in 25 which is a really pretty taupe shimmery colour which give a really pretty no make up, make up look. And the other eye product was the definition waterproof eyeliner in black. It’s really nice and is very waterproof.

The next two items are from L’oreal I got two of the infallible products. I got the mattifying primer and the setting spray as I get really oily skin and I have heard they are good for controlling shine.

The final thing I bought was the B. Cosmetics make up brush cleanser as I needed a makeup brush cleaner to make sure my brushes are clean.

Hope you all enjoyed this post

lots of love





Oh my word…..

Hey everyone,

so I am planning on doing another post tomorrow but I just thought I would say something today.

it has been a year today since I started my blog. I started with the intention of telling you about my life but I have evolved my blog over the year into something that I love and want to do. Yes I know I’m rubbish at posting but I love writing it when I do have ideas. I can’t believe that I started with no one but a select few people that already knew me to having over 70 followers and 1,235 views all in all. It’s amazing and I’m so happy and can’t wait to write for another year and watch my little blog grow and evolve into something that I love even more than I already do!!! ¬†Also the pictures are some of my favourite from the year!!!


Love be you all lots!!



What I got for Christmas 2015

Hey everyone,

so today you get my what I got for Christmas post. Yes I was meant to write it yesterday but I forgot okay!! ūüėā So before I start I just want to say yes I know I get an awful lot but I really appreciate and love everything that I was given.

First of my friends I got, a Yankee candle in cinnamon sticks and two eos, a nail varnish set from autograph, and a light up star and sprinkle of glitters 2016 diary. From my secret Santa in my huge group of friends I got The Body Shop body sorbet in strawberry, The Body Shop body mist in strawberry and The Body Shop body butter in blueberry.image

Of my Dads family I got money, a cute bracelet from accessorise and some chocolate.

My mums family also gave me money, I then also got a jumper from Topshop, a scarf from River Island, a tangle teezer, a top cardigan and some leggings from Brandy Melville.image

My parents bought me a coat, dress and jeans from Jack Wills, a Benefit Set which included Hoola, They’re Real, High Beam and Gimme Brow, I also got The Perfect Ten eyeshadow pallet and Real Techniques starter set, and also some chocolate!!!

As I said I know ¬†I got a lot but I’m so grateful for it all.

Lots of love




Last minute Christmas gift guide

Hey everyone,

so I thought I would continue the Christmas theme and go with a gift guide type thing. I hope there will be something for everyone and I have chosen things which are really easy to get hold of in the UK as that is where I live.

The first thing is Lush, the are good if you are on a bit more of a budget and also everyone loves Lush so I thought it would be a really nice one to include especially as there are lush stores everywhere.

The Body Shop products are another fave of mine for presents. Again in the UK really easy to get hold of and not too expensive. They have masses of different scents so there is something there that a friend or family member will love.

If you have a bigger budget MAC lipsticks are an amazing present. Any beauty love this and appreciate it. There are so many shades that it is the best for people who are picky about there lip shades because of more unusual skin tones (me honestly it is so difficult to find lipstick that suits me with my skin tone and surprisingly I don’t actually own a MAC lipstick)

However a good alternative to MAC is Soap and Glory I bought a lipstick from them yesterday and it’s amazing I’m so impressed by it and even though it’s stil slightly more pricey than other brands if you have a ¬£10 budget it comes under that. Also Soap and Glory is stocked in Boots which is everywhere in the UK so again really easy to get hold of.

Finally for the non neatly lover I think a Yankee candle Small Jar is a pretty good idea as they smell amazing and there is again such a wide variety of scents.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you all again soon.

love you all lots



Where to buy Christmas Clothes

Hey guys,

I am back with a new Christmassy blog. This is a collab with Little miss ghost her blog is amazing so defiantly go and have a look!

For me I find that Christmas clothing is amazing from places such as primark. There stuff is so cheap so it doesn’t matter if you on,y wear it once and some of the designs pre so pretty. Their Christmas patters are so good so that’s a definite for me.

Top shop is also really good for clothes for the Christmas season because they have so many glitzy pieces that would look amazing a a Christmas party with some dramatic eye makeup or a classic bold lip. Topshop is on the pricier side but if you have the money to spend I would definitely recommend them.

So that’s all for this blog but I also hope you like my new theme because I felt like a change so I thought why not.

Plots of love



November Favourites

hey everyone,

So this is a massive collab with loads of bloggers here on WordPress and also some on other blogging platforms. I will link them all at the end of this post so go and follow because they all have amazing blogs.


I generally don’t do favourites but I thought it might be nice for. Change as it isn’t something that you see regularly on my blog!

My first favourite this month has to be the L,oreal infallible matte foundation. It is amazing it is the first foundation I have ever tried and it is so good. I can build up the coverage but I can also have a really sheer natural coverage. But however I apply it, it leaves a gorgeous matte finish to my skin.

My second favourite is the Lacura beauty concealer pen. Many of you wont have heard of this brand because it is Aldi’s own but it is amazing it is a great dupe for the YSL touch√© eclat which is super expensive. I have tried the touch√© eclat and it is a brilliant dupe.

This month I have really been loving the Clinique nude pop lipstick which I revived in glamour magazine!! I am so tempted to go and buy the full size version as it is such a pretty colour.

The final thing I have been loving this month is my plaid shirt from Jack Wils that I got a few years ago.  It is so comfy and has been great for the strange transitional Autumn/winter weather we have had in England


Lots of love




Books and beauty

Little miss ghxst


Basically Chloe

It’s Yasmin

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My Christmas Wishlist

hey everyone,

Well that’s an exciting title isn’t it!! OMG I ABSOLOUTLY LOVE CHRISTMAS. The food and seeing family choosing gifts for other people and also removing gifts! ūüéľit’s the most wonderful time of the yearūüé∂ ¬†Name the song!! Well you can defiantly tell how excited I am. Also it snowed yesterday so that just finalised my Christmassy feeling!!!

But into my list.

I don’t expect all of the things on my list I just like to ask because if you don’t ask you will never know.

The first thing on my list this year is the Jack Wills Alderley Jacket. Because I would like a new casual/more dressy jacket this year and I thought this would be perfect. This is no longer on the Jack Wills site but it is on the Jack Wills Outlet site in certain sizes.

Also from Jack a Wills I have asked for the Larnark Open Back Dress. I have had my eye on this for about six months and it is so gorgeous. Again it is off the outlet site. But oh me oh my is it pretty.

Thirdly is another thing from Jack Wills (I promise it’s the last!!) and it is the Jagger High Wasted Jean, or at least I think it is because I already have these stored in my mothers wardrobe as we bought them in store a while ago.

Next is a rose gold watch from fossil which I have been wearing since the summer as mum said I could do I thought why not.

Benefit have some beautiful Christmas sets in this year and I have asked for the Get Your Party On set which has some nice goodies in. I would highly recommend this set if you are a fan of benefit.

Another makeup bit is the Soap and Glory The Perfect Ten eyeshadow pallet. I fell in love with this the first time I saw it so it was a must for me.

I only own one eye brush so I thought it would be a good idea to add some more to my collection as I am asking for eyeshadow and so I have asked for the Real Techniques Starter Set.

And finally on my list is the Cath Kidstone British Birds Frame Cosmetics Bag as I don’t really have any storage for my makeup and nothing to travel with either and also it is just really pretty.


I hope you enjoyed this post and please comment if you would like to see what I got for Christmas!

Lots of love




hey everyone,

Well it’s been a while. I have been so busy with school work for the past few weeks. So I’m sorry!! But yeah I’m starting a Christmas series on Sunday (hopefully) so let’s look forward to that!!!

lots of love



Autumn/ winter wishlist // collab

Hey everyone,

Today I am doing a collab with prettily painted so I hope you enjoy.

first is fashion.

I have had my eye on this scarf from river island for so so long.  it is £18 and so pretty and so me and would go with everything I wear.

I have also been after some pieces to update my autumn wardrobe as the majority of the cloths I own are summer pieces which are good when i’m going out but for general day to day they are not good because it is far too cold in Britain for them.¬† Top shop have had some really nice things in.¬† it such a shame that i’m basically broke because I spend far too much on summer clothes and leave nothing for winter which is really silly I know but lets not go there.

So the next few things are from Topshop and the first is the burgundy chord pinafore dress this is £39 and so pretty I love the colour and I it would look so nice but you know

I am also loving the Slouchy Boucle Wool Blend Coat from Topshop.  This is really cute and I think it would go with so many things I own plus I just really want some more coats.  this is £85

I’m now going to go onto makeup and I am going to shorten this list from what it actually is because we would be here for years.

There are a few lipsticks I would like so I’m going to start with those.

the first is the charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick in very Victoria £23 this a gorgeous pinky nude colour.

The Nars Audacious Lipstick in  Audrey which is a redy purple very autumnal shade (£24)

And the final is the Mac lipstick in taupe which I am in love with. £15.50

I would so love The Balm Mary-lou manizer £17.50.  my friend put this on me the other day and it looked stunning.

Powder is defiantly my weakness when it comes to makeup I love it and so when I saw The Charlotte Tilbury AIR BRUSH FLAWLESS FINISH I knew I had to put it on this wish list it is so gorgeous.  £33

The final thing on my list is the YSL Touche √Čclat which¬†I have used and is amazing for brightening my under eyes. ¬£25

So the final price of all of this is £280 which is mental and I could never afford so I will just have to  keep wishing.

I hope you enjoyed this post and defiantly go have a look at prettily painted.  she is doing a home wear wishlist so go have a read.

Also sorry for the rambling at the beginning.

Lots of love



Another fashion haul

Hello everyone,

So today I though I would do a tiny little ,what was meant to be a midweek post but you know what I’m like so it’s now Sunday, haul as I have bought a few items recently which I love so I though I would share with you.

The first two items are both makeup items from Rimmel.

I repurchased my trusty Rimmel stay matte that I love so much and I literally could not live without any more seriously for my oily skin it is perfect!!


I also picked up the wake me up mascara as Rimmel was on 2 for ¬£10 so I thought I would try something new ¬†and I hadn’t heard much about it either. But it is seriously amazing I love it ¬†it give such amazing natural looking ¬†lashes. ¬†I am loving paring it with the Maybelline the falcies at the moment and my lashes are looking absoloutly amazing. ¬†I defiantly recommend it especially in the extremely black.


The next items are all clothing items. As we saw in my last haul I am a bit of a shopaholic and I just love buying myself new clothes even if I don’t need them which is not great as I seem to only really like the expensive ones I see but I have picked up some bargains recently so I am pretty happy with myself (or my mum for that matter!!)

I went to the designer outlet near meover the summer holidays and I picked up a few things from there so the first place I went to was Gap where I bought the cutest chunky cable knit jumper in grey.  It is perfect fit the autumn because it has that warm snugly feel to it that is just amazing and it was such a bargain at around £10 (so thanks mum for that!!!)


The next place I stopped at was Jack Wills which is one of my favourite ships but it is always so expensive in there so I avoid buying anything. But I had a vouch with lots of money on from when I took some stuff back that I got bought for Christmas but didn’t suit me. Yes it has taken me this long to spend it but all the things that I really loved were a lot more than what I had on the voucher so…

I picked up two thing in here which were this amazing dress for ¬£25. I’m in love with it ¬†it is navy tweed but it looks so so nice with some navy velvet trims. It is the perfect formal dress for things like my work experience and anything like that. I can also think of ways to dress it down and make it more casual and easy to wear as well.


The second thing I picked up there were some sweatpants but they were too big so I took them back the the normal store near me and bought some full price ones which were only ¬£7 more expensive than the ones at the out let so I wasn’t too bothered and I still hav some money left to take a little of the price of something else that I buy in there. So yeah grey skinny sweatpants a staple in my wardrobe. ¬†They are so comfy and I highly recommend them to everyone.


The next two items sort of class as fashion because they are accessorises.

The first I wasn’t sure weather to include in this haul because it is actually a really early Christmas present but mum said I could wear it so I decided why not! I also got this from the outlet village and it is a fossil watch in rose gold which I love ¬†I have been wearing it everyday since I got it. ¬†It goes with everything and has some really pretty little gems on the face which look so pretty when the sun shines on them. ¬†If I do a what I got for Christmas you will see this again but I thought because I was wearing it I should include it.

The final thing is a pair of shoes again my mum bought these. I was going to buy them but mum said she would as she hadn’t ¬†bought me winter shoes in a few years so I was quite happy about that. I think these are the cutest shoes I own to be honest and I love them. They are a suade material Chelsea boot with a small heel. ¬†Which is good for me as I am terrible at walking in heels. ¬†They will just go with everything and can be dressed up and down which is great because it means you don’t have to buy more shoes. These were also in the sale from ¬£70 down to ¬£46 in office as they were last years stock and even though they only arrived yesterday I feel like they may have sold out of them.


I hope you all enjoyed this small haul. I am very lucky to have most of this stuff bought for me and I love it all so I thank everyone who contributed (my mum and uncle)!

Love you all lots